5 Ways To Melt Body Fat & No It’s Not Cardio

5 Ways To Melt Body Fat & No It’s Not Cardio

It is Weight training! Or, more specifically resistance training (you don’t always need equipment, there are many effective body weight only exercises).

Nope, it’s not earthshaking or new. Kind of boring, really. It’s the one thing that must be part of your fitness plan, and too many people want to avoid it for various reasons (not enough time, it’s too hard, they don’t want to look like Arnold, etc.).

But it’s the key exercise for success, not aerobics.

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1) Muscle is metabolically active.

Muscle gives your body the shape you want. Muscle allows you to do stuff! The stronger you are, the easier it is, whether it’s playing a sport, having fun with your kids, or just getting out of that low chair you love so much!

2) Loss of strength

If all you ever do is some type of long duration cardio or aerobics, you will lose strength, lose muscle, add fat, look worse and feel worse, too. This doesn’t mean no cardio, it just means not only cardio (and not nearly as much as most exercise enthusiasts do).

3) Combination

You need to combine the right type and amount of cardio work, along with weight training, if you want to reshape your body, lose fat, get fit and look great. Oh, and feel great, too, if that sort of thing matters to you!

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