7 Simple Strategies For Burning More Calories Every Day!

7 Simple Strategies For Burning More Calories Every Day!

So what are some simple strategies you can use to boost your NEAT calories? Nothing earth shattering, but small changes can have a big impact.

1) Take stairs not elevators.

By simply doing this you burn extra calories without even doing an official workout.

2) Stand up (or even pace) if you don’t have to sit.

If you sit at a desk most of the day, try using an alarm and stand or pace for ten minutes of every hour. Get a headset and pace whenever you are on the phone.

3) Walk around the office.

Granted, this isn’t always possible for everyone but if it is, stretch your legs every hour and walk around the office.

4) Push a lawnmower, don’t sit on one.

Rake leaves with a rake, don’t blow them with a leaf blower. Shovel your own snow (with a shovel, not a snowblower).

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