7 Simple Strategies For Burning More Calories Every Day!

So what are some simple strategies you can use to boost your NEAT calories? Nothing earth shattering, but small changes can have a big impact. 1) Take stairs not elevators.

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5 Ways To Melt Body Fat & No It’s Not Cardio

It is Weight training! Or, more specifically resistance training (you don’t always need equipment, there are many effective body weight only exercises). Nope, it’s not earthshaking or new. Kind of

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Monday Motivation – Keep Fit When Working At Home

One of the most difficult things about working at home is scheduling and fitting in a workout routine. If you work at home like I do, between chores and running

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Monday Motivation- Earn Your Lunch!

It’s Monday ya’ll so it’s a new week, so new chances to get moving! Go ahead and earn your lunch with this quick workout!

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Workout Thursday!

Every day people, every day exercises, done anywhere. 3 reps of 20 each, give them a try! 180 JUMP SQUATS OPEN CLOSE LEG PUSH UPS LUNGE HIGH KNEES T PUSH

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