The Veggie Connection

THE VEGGIE CONNECTION A few weeks back I attended this event in Smyrna, GA on sort of a whim, called The Veggie Connection. It was a network event where attendees

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Dragon Fruit: Check Out Its Amazing Benefits!

DRAGON FRUIT Dragon fruit, also known as strawberry pear, is a tropical fruit that has a bright red skin and speckled insides. It is definitely unique looking and some call

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Get To Know Jackfruit And It’s Surprising Health Benefits!

WHAT IS JACKFRUIT? Jackfruit is a delicious exotic fruit that tends to grow in tropical regions that has a spiky outer skin and is green in color. This fruit can

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The Vegan Garden: Juices And Meal Plans

THE VEGAN GARDEN Today I started a new plan and it included The Vegan Garden as part of my diet. I have an upcoming beach trip and want to get

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Dining Out Vegan- Bahama Breeze

We were out shopping for some summer wear and were starving but didn’t want to eat at any of the spots in the mall or even near the mall. So

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Stay Away From These Top 10 Toxic Food Ingredients

PALM OIL When a regular fat like palm oil is blasted with hydrogen and turned into a solid, it becomes a trans fat. This allows packaged foods to stay “fresh”

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Turn To Nature: 5 Surprising Natural Painkillers

WILLOW BARK People have been using willow bark for years to ease inflammation which is the cause of most aches and pains. The bark of the white willow contains the chemical

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Dining Out Vegan- The Loving Hut

I have been wanting to try out The Loving Hut for months now, and finally had the chance to today. I picked a time that was ideal for sampling a

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Dining Out Vegan- Friends American Grill

Dining out while vegan with friends that are not, definitely has it’s challenges, but I’ve found that if there is a will there is a way. I was hanging with

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Dining Out Vegan: Parkside District

PARKSIDE DISTRICT It was a Saturday night and we headed to grab some drinks and dinner at Parkside District. As we parked and walked up to the establishment, we couldn’t

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