Gingerbread Waffles

Gingerbread for breakfast? Why not? I love anything filled with ginger so I thought why not add some to waffles and make some gingerbread waffles. These fluffy and rich waffles

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White Bean Zoodle Soup

Soup is great in summer too and this one is so comforting. Give it a try! Print White Bean Zoodle Soup Author Vegan Bajan Ingredients 1/2 tsp coconut oil 1/2

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Quick And Easy Avocado Rolls

One of my favorite appetizers is avocado rolls as they are so GOOD!! You just can’t eat one. I am nuts about avocados so these are a hit with my

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Bajan Rock Cakes

Rock cakes are so delicious, dense but yummy. This Bajan version is vegan friendly so give them a try! Print BAJAN ROCK CAKES Author Vegan Bajan Ingredients 1 cup vegan

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Vegan Chickpea Soup

This soup is so quick and easy to make and great for summertime. It’s flavorful and filled with protein and iron. Go give it a try! 4 from 1 vote

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Churro Waffles

These dairy free waffles are so delicious and decadent and are worth every bite! Check out the recipe below! 5 from 1 vote Print CHURRO WAFFLES Author Vegan Bajan Ingredients

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Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

This muffins are so easy to make as you can throw them together in just 10 minutes or so.  They are delicious in flavor with minimal clean up. Hope you

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Vegan Cheesecake

I love cheesecake and this vegan cheesecake is easy to make and can be done with a store-bought vegan friendly graham crust. Hope you enjoy it! Print VEGAN CHEESECAKE Author

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Beet And Orange Salad

Beets are so tasty and mixed with the oranges gives such a tangy and yummy flavor. This salad also is packed with iron, potassium and B vitamins. It’s healthy and

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Butternut Squash And Chickpea Soup

  Butternut squash can be so delicious and just makes me feel oh sooo good inside when I eat them. This soup is filled with protein and the blend of the

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