Dining Out Vegan- Niko Niko Sushi-Hibachi

Dining Out Vegan- Niko Niko Sushi-Hibachi

We proceeded to review the menu which had an option of sushi, hibachi and other dishes. We sat on the sushi side of the restaurant and then ordered our beverages and made note to the waiter about my shellfish allergy and being Vegan. Unlike some other restaurants I have experienced of late, it didn’t seem to bother him and he just took note of it to inform the chef.  For lunch they offer teriyaki lunch boxes, hibachi lunches, sushi roll combos and sashimi just to name a few. This restaurant has lots of unique options to choose from. I was able to custom order my sushi, of which I chose brown rice, asparagus, carrots, avocado and cucumber and it was made separately to ensure there wasn’t any cross contamination. My lunch date had the spicy tuna, a spiderroll and we shared some edamame.
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