Dining Out Vegan- Friends American Grill

Dining Out Vegan- Friends American Grill

Dining out while vegan with friends that are not, definitely has it’s challenges, but I’ve found that if there is a will there is a way. I was hanging with some friends after a track meet and decided let’s grab some early dinner. After some debate we decided on a spot that was known as a typical all American grill. Instantly I knew the options would be limited for me here.

So as I sat down to look at the menu at Friends American Grill, I was surprised to see that they had a vegan option for the burgers. Instead of meat, they offer the beyond burger option for those vegans like me! I was quite elated and right away knew that was the option for me and didn’t look any further at the menu.

As our waitress took our orders, she was quick and friendly and also suggested off the menu toppings for my burger so it wouldn’t be too bland. I added jalapenos, along with regular lettuce and tomato, and she had the chef season the burger well with various spices to my liking. My friends had the mac and cheese, wings, salad pasta and cheesy burger with fries. Everyone enjoyed their food, so much, that the table was quite quiet after the foods arrival and thereafter.

Over all this spot was an in and out process, good food that was quick with friendly service. So go check them out if you are ever in the Dacula, Buford or Winder, GA area.

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