Banging Plantains

These plantains really pop with flavor and spice! If you’re like me and love spicy food with a tropical twist, then try this recipe and let me know your thoughts

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Vegan Chocolate Cookies

I love cookies because they are so easy to make and bake! These vegan chocolate cookies are no different as you an bake them in just about 10 mins. Try

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Vegan Nachos

Ahhhhhhh nachos! Who doesn’t love some good ole nachos! Tortilla chips piled with jalapenos, tomatoes, avocados, beans and more, nachos are quite the delicious treat. This time I tried them

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Warm Red Cabbage And Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet potatoes are just so delicious and paired with red cabbage just gives it the extra bump of flavor. This dish is low in calories and very easy to make.

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Dining Out Vegan- Burger 21

I was out running errands with my brother and we needed a quick bite to eat, so we saw the Burger 21 sign and decided to park and check them

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Mango Coconut Bowl

Bajans definitely love ourselves some coconut and that was just what I needed to flavor up my mango, almond yogurt and granola breakfast combo. Check out the recipe below and

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Beet And Chickpea Salad

Beets, beets and more beets! Boy do I love some beets! This recipe is one of my favorites because, yes, you guessed it, it’s loaded with beets. Try the recipe

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Dining Out Vegan- Niko Niko Sushi-Hibachi

NIKO NIKO SUSHI AND HIBACHI I was shopping at Mall of Georgia with a friend and had a craving for sushi, not mall sushi, but a unique and tasty flare

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Dining Out Vegan- Avocado Vegan Cafe

AVOCADO VEGAN CAFE While driving around in the Alpharetta, GA area, I spotted this sign off the street that said “VEGETARIAN”. Having no idea what it truly meant, is it

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