Vegan Avocado Slaw

I typically pair this slaw with sandwiches, specifically BBQ jack fruit (check out that recipe as well). Print VEGAN AVOCADO SLAW Author Vegan Bajan Ingredients 1/2 cup red cabbage 1/2

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Spinach And Black Bean Veggie Sandwich

I love having this sandwich for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Either way it is filling and delicious. Check it out! Print Spinach And Black Bean Veggie Sandwich Author Vegan Bajan

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Vegan Bajan Cassava Pone

Bajan recipes are so good, but sometimes can be loaded with fat and diary, but the great thing about the traditional Bajan recipes, they are easy to transform into vegan

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Dragon Fruit: Check Out Its Amazing Benefits!

DRAGON FRUIT Dragon fruit, also known as strawberry pear, is a tropical fruit that has a bright red skin and speckled insides. It is definitely unique looking and some call

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Sauteed Radishes And Spinach

Radish me this! 🙂 A sauteed radish dish that is simple, easy and oh so tasty! Check it out below! Print SAUTEED RADISHES AND SPINACH Author Vegan Bajan Ingredients 2

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Get To Know Jackfruit And It’s Surprising Health Benefits!

WHAT IS JACKFRUIT? Jackfruit is a delicious exotic fruit that tends to grow in tropical regions that has a spiky outer skin and is green in color. This fruit can

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The Vegan Garden: Juices And Meal Plans

THE VEGAN GARDEN Today I started a new plan and it included The Vegan Garden as part of my diet. I have an upcoming beach trip and want to get

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Mashed Yams

Simple recipes can be some of the best recipes. These yams are so smooth and buttery. You have to try them yourself! Print Mashed Yams Author Vegan Bajan Ingredients 2

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Blackened Brussel Sprouts With Mushrooms

When I was growing up I really disliked brussel sprouts, but as I grew older and started trying them again, I realized that it wasn’t the sprouts itself, it was

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Chocolate Chip Madeleines

These madeleines are so easy and chocolaty. You can’t just eat one! Print Vegan Chocolate Chip Madeleines Author Vegan Bajan Ingredients 10 tbsp vegan butter 2 tbsp maple syrup 3/4

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