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Appetizer, Vegan Recipes / 02.07.2018

I love quick meals and these quesadillas are quick and simple and made with Ezekiel bread! Easy Quesadilla 1 chopped avocado1/2 cup red onions diced1 tsp cilantro1/2 cup tomatoes2 Ezekiel wraps1/2 cup spinach1/4 cup daiya mozzarella cheese1 tbsp vegan butter Warm up the Ezekiel wraps in a frying...

Appetizer, Vegan Recipes / 28.06.2018

This corn chowder is a really great summer soup as it's easy and light and oh so tasty. Check it out! Corn Chowder 1 tbsp  olive oil1/2  large white onion (chopped)2  cloves  garlic (minced)4  small red potatoes quartered1/2 tsp sea salt1/2 tsp ground black pepper2  cups of...

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