Vegan Skin Care – BioClarity

Vegan Skin Care – BioClarity


I was having some issues with my skin and started to notice I was breaking out more often than I used to, especially due to this harsh winter I was experiencing. I wanted to give a step system a try so I started doing a search for viable options. I looked into over the counter step systems and mail order options like ProActiv but didn’t want to compromise my natural roots so I continued to search. In my search I came across this option that was touted as Vegan friendly, called BioClarity.  I then found a coupon code that reduced my cost from $29.95 to $9.00, so I thought why not give it a try?

BioClarity is a 3-step system that is performed twice per day that stops your acne/skin breakouts and leaves your skin smooth without using harsh chemicals. They use this “secret” ingredient called Floralux. This ingredient is naturally derived from chlorophyll, which is the green stuff in plants. As with most mail order programs, BioClarity is dermatologist developed, tested and recommended for all skin types.

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