Vegan Skin Care – BioClarity

Vegan Skin Care – BioClarity

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I ordered my package and it arrived within a few days. I opened it and immediately gave the three step system a try. First, the cleanser- it contains ingredients such as chamomile and cucumber that are known to reduce eye swelling and irritation and green tea to help remove toxins from your skin. It was very gentle on my face. Second, the acne treatment gel- it contains salicyclic acid and is used for opening the blocked pores. The gel also helps to re-introduce moisture to your skin which in turn helps reduce excess oil. This one left my skin feeling very smooth. Third, the restore gel- it contains the “secret” ingredient called Floralux that is beneficial for dry skin. It also contains licorice root which assists in reducing redness and scars on your skin. This gel left my skin feeling clean and refreshed!

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