What Exactly Is Being Vegan?

What Exactly Is Being Vegan?


There are so many different phrases and slang terms that are used to describe a healthier lifestyle that often it is virtually impossible to determine exactly what Vegan is and what it is not. The primary difference between a Vegan lifestyle and that of a typical person primarily is the lack of meat and dairy consumed in a Vegan lifestyle. However, many people believe that vegetarians will still eat dairy products and other similar foods. While this is correct, it is a major difference between vegetarian and vegan. People who are true Vegans do not eat any animal related products, they do not encourage the consumption of animal related products and they also do not wear any animal related products. This would include items such as milk, yogurt, butter, eggs and leather clothing.

Many people mistakenly believe that Vegetarianism and Veganism are the same thing. However, those who are vegetarian will consume animal related products such as eggs, milk, dairy, yogurt and other similar foods that do not particular cause the animals life to be in danger. Foods such as meat are still avoided though. This is a significant difference from Vegan’s who do not consume such foods. In order to really determine which type of lifestyle is best for you and your family, you would need to look over your typical eating habits. Many people discover that Vegan is something that is far too strict for them to abide by on a normal basis and instead opt for a vegetarian lifestyle.

Choosing to live a Vegan lifestyle is not easy initially. It typically involves a bit more planning ahead since you will not be able to easily pull everything for meals straight from the freezer. While it is still possible to use some frozen foods in the Vegan lifestyle, many fruits and vegetables simply do not taste the same once they have been frozen. As an alternative, it may be necessary to invest some money into planting a garden that you can use to obtain many of your foods so that they will always be fresh. Many people work with only a small garden growing a very limited supply and quantity of foods until they are able to devote more space to their homegrown foods. .

By making some small steps and changes to your lifestyle you might find that working on a Vegan lifestyle is much easier for you to handle than you think. Working to improve your health as much as possible is extremely important and is possible as long as you take the time to really study your options. Converting over to an entirely vegan way of life is achievable, I’ve done it and so can YOU.

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    Hiya, This is a lovely recipe, thank you for sharing it with us. I am a food lover and I love making bread and butter pudding.

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